When we talk about images or visuals that have an immediate effect on the viewer are the ...

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If you consider a completed graphic design as the final product the elements are the key ...

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Graphic Designing Basics

Ever come across any work of art where you actually feel the image come alive? Well not alive literally but where the image is so powerful not just convey what the image is assigned to convey but the effects of the image are such that they appear lifelike? This is the work of graphic designing.

It is akin to adding another dimension to the image without actually adding one. So before we dive into the various elements that graphic designs are composed of, let us first understand what exactly is meant by graphic design.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a stream of art that has an aim along with it.  The aim may involve solving a particular problem or any issue or achieving any other objective, graphic designing involves planning that is organized and creative at the same time.

To achieve the objective one may make use of various elements that include images, symbols; usage of words is also permissible the point remaining the objective of the image must be achieved at all times. It involves communicating to another person a particular message simply using visual aid. One makes use of various kinds of graphic elements and tools that add to the overall effect of the visual aid.

The experience of the visual created by graphic designing may take place almost immediately or may occur over a period of time. When we speak about graphic design, the quantity of work is notwithstanding the purpose of the visual https://www.skillshare.com/projects/Becky's-scrabble-word-finder/13233. As the quantity of the work may range from anything right from a single solitary image to a sprawling company’s digital image that may be interlinked either nationally or internationally.

The purpose of a graphic design may be educational; it may also be for commercial purpose, cultural, related to politics or even pure entertainment.


When we talk about images or visuals that have an immediate effect on the viewer are the kind of graphic designs that have dated back many years ago. Since ages, we have seen ...

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