If you consider a completed graphic design as the final product the elements are the key ingredients of it. For each and every design the measure and quantity of these elements may vary depending upon the desired effect. But all in all these elements are the fixed essentials which in various permutations and combinations give various final results.


A line is the most basic and crucial part of graphic design. A line may be short, long, thick or thin. It may be curvy, slanting or a line with a shadow effect. There are numerous things that can be done with a line. It may be used to stress on a particular word, or even a phrase. A line may be used as a connection between content it may also be used to create various graphic patterns as well.


Color in an image or the absence of any color is one of the most powerful elements that can actually evoke the required emotions. Colors in various shades can be used in unbelievable combinations to create numerous effects. It can be used to evoke emotions, stress the importance of something, and create visual effects and much more.


The texture actually adds that element of effect to any given image. It deals with giving the visual a surface. It adds to the depth of the image and making it appear even more interesting. Graphic designing can use textures as patterns or even through different textures available in printable surfaces.


When it comes to graphic design, size is basically used to draw attention, highlight importance and also to create a contrasting effect.


Graphic designing makes use of different forms of shape. They use the basic geometric shapes that include circles, square, triangles and others. Natural shapes are yet another form which includes shapes of trees, leaves, human figures etc. The next form of shapes that come into play are abstract shapes. The various types of shapes are used to create a visually appealing design.


Optimum utilization of space is where the true talent of a good graphic designer is highlighted. It is basically the area around all the elements mentioned in any given design. Space must be used such that the image does not appear cluttered nor are any important elements missed out. It must be definite and restful to the eyes while creating an impact.


Value in case of graphic design means the depth of darkness or lightness of any color and how it appears in a design. Value could range from anything right from the darkest shade of black right up to the whitest of the whites. It must be used appropriately to create contrast, depth as well as stress importance on.


When we talk about images or visuals that have an immediate effect on the viewer are the kind of graphic designs that have dated back many years ago. Since ages, we have seen ...

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